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Getting to Know Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


Home Ownership for Foreigners in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Are you shying away from buying land in Costa Rica because of all the unknowns? Do you love this place, and you'd like to have a house here, but you're afraid of getting in over your heads? This post describes my experience as an ex-pat from Colorado who is enjoying being a homeowner in Costa Rica and the United States. Buying land and/or a house in Costa Rica is not unlike buying in the states, but there are definitely certain things to consider. I fell in love with Santa Teresa in June of 2014, and my girlfriend, Katherine, and I bought land with…
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What the Heck is a Tico?

All ready to travel to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica? Already heard about the "Ticos?" This post is a brief explanation of the origin of this word. One of the first Spanish words you may hear in Costa Rica is "Tico," which is the popular nickname for country nationals. There are two explanations of the origin of this nickname. The first is that it derives from the tendency of Costa Ricans to use -ico as the diminutive suffix in Spanish, instead of the more common and widely used -ito. Literally, -ico and -ito, when used as a suffix, denote something small, as in "momentico" or…
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Dang Dengue!

O.K, this could be a huge downer of a post, but I will do my best to lighten it up a bit, or a lot, and still inform you about this nasty disease that you really don't want to get. First, the bad news: "Dengue fever is a disease spread to humans by mosquitoes and is caused by one of four types of dengue viruses. Dengue fever can cause severe flu-like symptoms and in some cases, may lead to dengue haemorrhagic fever (severe dengue), which can be fatal. There is no vaccine or medication that protects against dengue fever." (Global Update by the…
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Learning to Surf at Middle Age – A Crash Course

Do you have a dream to learn how to surf? Does the ocean and the beach and the sport of surfing call to you over and over again? If so, it's likely that you haven't done it for various reasons: location, time, age, money, job, family, relationship, etc. I'm not going to tell you how YOU, in your particular life with your particular circumstances, can overcome these obstacles. This is up to you. I will, however, share my experience over the past year, and what it took for me to realize this dream at the age of 47. I got…
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How much Spanish do I need in Santa Teresa?

All ready to travel to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica? Studying Spanish in preparation for your trip? Great idea! Keep studying! Although there are many ex-pats living in Santa Teresa who speak English, your experience here will be enriched immeasurably if you speak Spanish. First, if you know Spanish, you won't have to use an interpreter, someone who is bilingual in Spanish and English, to help you manage your way through interactions with locals. This will save you time and inconvenience. Second, conversing with Costa Ricans will give you a much deeper understanding of what it's really like to live here. You…

Dos Gemas de la Nicoya

¿Pensando en vacaciones dentro de Costa Rica? ¿Quiere ir a la playa, pero no sabe dónde? Este país tiene tantas playas bonitas que es difícil decidir. También, su decisión toma mucho en cuenta la distancia de su casa porque se puede perder hasta dos días viajando si el lugar está muy lejos. Si Ud. vive no muy lejos del puerto de Puntarenas y no le importa pasar medio día viajando, hay un diamante en la Península Nicoya que debería conocer, al lado pacífico hacia el sur, que es Santa Teresa. El ferry de Puntarenas dura 90 minutos para llevarle a Paquera y es otro 90…
Rabbi Menachem at Hotel Playa Carmen, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Who’da Thought? A Rabbi in Santa Teresa

Isn’t meeting interesting people one of the juiciest parts of traveling? For me it is. I really love people in general, and when I meet an unlikely character on one of my adventures, I never forget this person. Look no further than Menachem, the Rabbi of Santa Teresa. I don’t even know his last name. I guess I never bothered to ask because his first name is so cool. Menachem. It’s even fun to say, and be sure to pronounce the ‘ch’ as if you had a bit of phlegm in your throat. Emphasis on a bit. A lot of…
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Is That Firewood?

Do you remember your first time browsing a supermarket in another country? Odd-looking fruit, brands you could not read, and a different smell altogether? People were speaking a different language, and you might not have understood any of it. And then you pulled out your new bills and coins at the check-out stand, and nervously set them down in front of the cashier, hoping that they would be counted out correctly for you. Looking back, you realize that the new money and the new sights and sounds, and even the new language, were relatively easy to deal with, but what about that food you had no idea…
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Romancing Santa Teresa

In this blog post, I will share about a romantic day and evening that my girlfriend, Katherine, and I spent in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, and hopefully inspire you to create your own romantic experience here. We started out with an early morning surf for me, and a run for her. It was roughly six a.m., and there were relatively few people on the beach. The early morning hours on the beach are truly wonderful here - there is just something magical about starting our day on the beach, which sets a peaceful and postive tone for the rest of the day.…
Blog Post Point A to Point B

Point A to Point B

All ready for your trip to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica? Wondering how you are going to get around once you are here? Do not worry. There are several options for transportation in Santa Teresa. 1. Car rental: The Budget and Alamo offices are a one-minute walk from Hotel Playa Carmen. SUV´s are recommended for the often rough roads. Please check their websites for prices and availability. 2. ATV, motorcycle, or bicycle rental: Two doors down from Hotel Playa Carmen is Pacific Dirt Road Adventures. Prices/24 hrs. for the following are: a) mountain bike: $10 b) motorcycle: $40 c) ATV: $70…

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