Canopy Tour<br>

Canopy Tour

Zip-line high over 200 species of tropical trees on The Canopy Tour, located on a farm near Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve. It’s as if you’re walking through the treetops with the Pacific Ocean under your feet.

This thrilling canopy ride is approximately one kilometer long with 8 platforms, and it could be part of your customized vacation package!

Cables of steel connect the platforms, which are between 5 and 25 meters off the ground. 300 meters of the ride flies over a gorgeous canyon, and nature guides will share fascinating secrets of the wild. This tour causes no harm to the environment. It is run by professionals, and you will be safe.



Surrounded by rich tropical rainforest, you will observe an abundant variety of wildlife, such as northern tamandua, green and black iguanas, white-tailed deer, armadillos, possums, margays, white-faced capuchins, howler monkeys, squirrels, coati, raccoons, tayras, bats, porcupines, pacas, peccaries, skunks, coyotes, and agoutis.

Bird species include: woodpeckers, black-headed trogons, white-threaded magpie-jai, bare-throated tiger herons, crested caracaras, white fronted parrots, turquoise-browed motmots, long tailed manakins, and more.

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